Tiltbrush painting



As a child, did you ever play with a sparkler creating light paintings with your hands? With Google TiltBrush this is effect can be a reality.

Using a VR setup that tracks the movement of your hands and head, Sean can create 3D environments and training diagrams that look like impressionist versions of a real-world place or scene. Just like with Adobe Photoshop, VR tools can be used to create
immerse environments, working diagrams with depth. You can even import models of objects to markup or annotate just as though they are physical objects in front of you.

Whether it’s entertaining with a VR installation, workshop a diagram or simply storyboarding an idea, Sean has you covered for any idea that requires a real-world application.

Key advantages

• Rapidly create 3D artwork in a 3D space.
• Brainstorm or live illustrate ideas in front of clients
and creatives.
• Immerse audiences with stereoscopic vision, see
scale and size of 3D objects.
• Increase efficiency with little rendering required.
• Export .jpeg images, animated .gif’s, videos, 3D
models and textures directly from the programs.
• Sessions can be shared via live-stream to
Facebook, YouTube, Zoom or Skype.

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