Mixed Reality Project


Mixed Reality project

One of the best ways to demonstrate Virtual Reality is to merge the two worlds with a technique called ‘Mixed Reality’.

Over the last few weeks, I have been experimenting with overlaying the footage of the digital art I create overlayed with footage of myself painting in virtual reality.

Above Video: Painting and rotating a monster battle in a cityscape and creating a sci-fi tree. 

Faking Augmented Reality

Another great way of showing how virtual assets can be created and manipulated is to use Augmented Reality.

The video below isn’t pure AR as I’m using a VR headset, but using the footage from the perspective camera on the front of the HTC Vive’s ‘Head Mounted Display’, we can overlay the point of view footage from the painting program and the real world perspective. Creating the illusion that the digital assets are floating in the real world.

Testing mobile Augmented Reality

Here’s an early test using AR on an iPhone 6+ to display a high-resolution untextured model.