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VR Creative – Dynamic 3d Design and Art

Planning and visualising your ideas in a 3D space can be difficult, costly and time-consuming. Traditional 3D modelling and storyboarding can take months to complete and often take specialist teams working around the clock to build and render out.

Where VR excels is by providing a real-time view of 3D assets right in front of you. This means you can animate, re-colour, position cameras and lights, add effects and even perform motion capture in real-time with your hands.

You can scale the scene up to human scale or look down at the action taking part around you, move the sun in the sky to a time of the day, import models and rigged characters to animate with keyframes or real-time puppetry, all to create a final scene in hours and days.

This technology can be used by an operator who can hold a camera the virtual space with a real-world monitor showing a window into the scene and the action taking place. This service is great for shooting pre-visualisations for film projects (in place/supplementing traditional storyboards), planning complex, dangerous or expensive operations for training or simply making animating a product on a turntable, a view of a showroom or an architectural model.