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Virtual Reality Education Design thinking – Training / Workshops

Learn to paint, design and concept in VR using all three dimensions.

As a child, did you ever play with a sparkler creating light paintings with your hands?  With Google Tiltbrush this is effect can be a reality.

Using a VR setup that tracks the movement of your hands and head, Sean can create 3D environments and training diagrams that look like impressionist versions of a real-world place or scene.

Virtual Reality is able to transport you into a virtual world that your brain completely buys.

It’s different to hearing a story, watching a movie, and even playing a video game. You can see images and hear audio as if you’re there. Each eye sees a different image so you get depth perception. You can interact with the computer in 3D space as if you’re in the space yourself, all with the freedom to move. You really need to experience it to understand, it’s just like how nobody can describe how a rollercoaster feels

BELOW: An emergency naval response plan

Advantages of sketching/planning in Virtual Reality

Job training can be expensive, cumbersome, and even dangerous to arrange in a real-life setting. For example, it’s hard to train firefighters. It gets very expensive to light things on fire. But visualising the danger is more effective.

VR offers the same ability for firefighters, and other emergency service responders, to train and experience the environment they’ll be working in without physical risk or expense.

Training with VR can empower users to:

  • Time & cost saving visualising   
  • Sell in ideas to clients
  • Design ideas / make changes live
  • Upskill teams quickly 
  • Stronger spacial pitching
  • Stronger communicated ideas