VR Live Performance – Events / Talks


Live Performance – Events / Workshops / Talks

Key advantages of this service include, rapidly creating 3d artwork as part of a brainstorming session, live illustration at an event to entertain visitors or sum up a conference’s key discussion points or simply creating a popup VR booth with a custom/branded experience which audiences can experience. If you work in the creative services industry, Sean can provide training sessions on how to use the tools and/or assist creatives with projects.

And when the artwork is complete, we are able to export .jpeg images, animated .gif’s, videos, 3D models and textures directly from the programs. On request, we are also able to export mixed reality content (overlaying footage of Sean painting onto footage of the artwork being created), offer multiscreen video (a video showing many cameras and angles in one frame) or you could even be live-streamed to Facebook, YouTube, Zoom or Skype.

Train your workforce in VR

VR can make an impact on the way you present information to your workforce!
Sean can help your team visualise concepts in 3d space, workshop ideas and create beautiful concept art