Virtual Reality rapid prototyping an accessible bag – Aka Project Backpack VR


As part of an upcoming's VRDI event held at Plexal London.  I am leading a workshop focused at using VR as a tool for design. More specifically we are running a workshop called 'Virtual Reality rapid prototyping an accessible bag.'

The day consists of participants from a diverse set of backgrounds and personal skills working on three backpacks fitted for a person attending who has their own challenges with finding accessible accessories.


For the workshop we will be looking at:

  • Scoliosis focused bag
  • Wheelchair focused bag
  • Cerebral focused palsy
  1. Our teams will sit with their Team leader, Sean and Occupational therapist Emma to identify issues and solutions from a functional perspective (one per post-it note).
  2. They will then create a physical mockup bag parts and hand sketches to identify some of the solutions they may look into such as adding wheels or zips and hooks to a particular part of the bag.
  3. 3d Scanning tools can made available to the teams if they require a reference model (of their team leader) to build the bag on (like a mannequin)
  4. Once they have a physical mockup they can move into VR, using GravitySketchVR to design a colour concept prototype which can be used in the future to develop into a real world product. Team members will swap in and out of the medium to design bag ideas and one will be chosen per group