3D Scanning



You can now create a 3D model of real people, places and things with our simple quick and portable 3D scanning. With a model of your product, staff or work environment you can provide detailed models for use in VR and AR applications as well as training content, online media and 3D printing.

This technology is portable and easy to use on-location with a high-resolution scan that can help bring photorealism to your project.

Key advantages

• Quickly create a model of real objects or spaces.

• Cost-effective, portable and high resolution scans.

• Avoids issues with ‘The uncanny valley’.

• Create colour scans with ease.

• Integrate scans into VR scenes or AR projects.

• Quickly create Riggable and animated characters.

• Export videos, images and 3D models.

• 3D print your ideas.

On recent projects we have 3D scanned and printed models of physical sculptures in a gallery, people have even created 3D rigged models of people for animation.

The scans also avoid the need for 3D modelling and texturing as well as the dreaded ‘Uncanny Valley effect’ where hand created models of faces appear noticeably digital.